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Newport Folk 2014 OEB Spotlight: Puss N Boots – “Bull Rider” (live)


Pairs Well With…Norah Jones, Wilco, Hurray For the Riff Raff


The distinct voice of Norah Jones is a quick giveaway that Puss N Boots isn’t some new indie act, rather its Jones’ alt country band along with Catherine Popper (Ryan Adams, Grace Potter) and singer-songwriter Sasha Dobson.  Their just-released debut LP No Fools, No Fun indeed has the vibe of a group of talented friends passing the microphone back and forth.  A mix of studio and live cuts, originals and covers, No Fools, No Fun exceeds expectations by just being damn good in tone and delivery.  Jones sounds noticeably comfortable in the rootsy genre, ditching her piano virtuosity for spoonfuls of soul.  The whole is really relaxed – even the more electric tracks keep it in a mid-tempo pocket.  Puss N Boots headline the Harbor Stage at 5:00 on Saturday night – I bet this will be one that will really turn the curious Newport onlookers to a new side of all three artists.

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