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Lollapalooza 2014 OEB Spotlight: Kodaline – “One Day”


Pairs Well With…Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Tom Odell


Pop enough for mainstream, but folksy enough for traditionalists, gentle rock band Kodaline’s In A Perfect World is unrelentingly pretty.  Mostly driven by acoustic picking, piano chords and a bass drum beat, Kodaline’s music stays at a slow, inward pace.  Frontman Steve Garrigan has an epic voice, a timbre that rings in a truthful manner.  Everything here is emotional, even the beat seems to ride a little behind, from the heart rather than the head.  It’s good the band is getting the chance to hit some big festival stages this year – an open air setting is perfect for Kodaline’s full, anthemic sound.  Kodaline is performing at Lollapalooza Friday afternoon, greeting early entrants at 1:30 on the Lake Shore stage.

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