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Ali Holder – “Falling Up”


Pairs Well With…Patty Griffin, Sahara Smith, Phosphorescent


Folk, jazz, country, blues – it is clear singer-songwriter Ali Holder has done her homework.  Her latest record In Preparation For Saturn’s Return emits a coffeehouse vibe from a distance, but I’m enamored with the level of detail in both the instrumentation and Holder’s textured, technical vocals.  Most of these songs lay within tall grass, peeking out instead of overpowering either in a pop or a traditional sense.  Holder is further on the scale towards Americana than indie, but the emotionalism embodied in her songs grounds this away from pop country territory for sure.  Ali Holder’s reach hasn’t stretched much beyond Austin yet, so it is a worthy introduction to the broader music community with In Preparation For Saturn’s Return.


Amtrac – “Undefeated”


Pairs well with…Kaskade, Alan Braxe, Treasure Fingers


OEB deep disco house favorite Amtrac made another run through SXSW this year with AM Only, opening a prime showcase of reliable, forward-thinking artists.  His latest is a pair of trance-pop singles in “Undefeated” and “Primal”, proving there is strength in EDM without relying on a dubby drop.

2013 Review: Amtrac is a solid house producer and DJ.  The sound is something of a vocal deep disco house with brushes of sustained lo-fi synth and the occasional break from the 4x4 pattern.  The vibe is part poolside, part lounge, part mainstage, depending on where the needle runs.  If you ever loved house music, if you enjoyed that moment in the early 90s when slower-tempo house tracks from Crystal Waters and Robin S vibed through your radio speakers, if you’ve ever warmed up to house from a cautious distance—-Amtrac is an opening to rediscover the genre.  Let it bring you back to a moment when you were floating and bopping about the dancefloor or dorm room, when you were chanting along without knowing quite what you were chanting.  House music can be a youth-preserving, effervescent force, a beautiful melody that holds your chin up even when times are tough.

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